Due to health issues we are closing our doors effective 15 August 2016.  After 9 years, and nearly a thousand dogs, Colorado Aussie Rescue had a good run.  Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and there often comes a time in dog rescue where other priorities mean you have to step back, and take a different course of action.

That said, we will be reforming as a referral program for owners of purebred herding dogs who want to relinquish their personal dogs, and have the time to work with us to find adopters for their animals.  This means that we will be listing dogs on a revamped site, and we will be coordinating communication between potential adopters and pet owners, but we will no longer be taking and housing dogs as a rescue organization.

How soon all this will happen is a bit variable.  We have to decide on a website layout for the new organization, as well as finish all the things that are associated with closing the existingg rescue, so it may be a couple of months before it happens.

We would like to thank all of those who have supported in various ways throughout the 9 years that Colorado Aussie was in operation.